Proj Yo

I should probably mention my project at some point!

And that point…..

                                                                                                        ….IS NOW.

I got some amigos together of both the gaming and non gaming variety. I plied them with tea and and then pulled out the notebook. I wanted to know what kind of game would they love to play that isn’t currently available?

Some points emerged:

1- Lots of shorter bits of varied gameplay fitting in to one big game. Like channel surfing, but more in depth and in an actual game world. You can play for hours, or half an hour, within the same game

2- Bored of shooting/mediocre action shoehorned in to RPGs. Either you are a good shooter/action game or not. We want an in depth story world that isn’t just a carrier for endless dungeons and ‘pew pew pew’.

3- Non ‘gamers’ don’t want to shoot anything at all but not because they don’t want violence. They just don’t want combat to be the main test.

4- Cool story and world. ‘Yes I know there are already cool worlds, but I don’t want LOTR or wasteland!’

So I cast them out and got sketching. I started with a setting (the phrase ‘Channel surfing’ really hit me) and went for a TV land. Potentially limitless, ja?

The design for ‘Bubble’ basically grew form ‘TV land’, ‘nae guns’, ‘cool world’ and ‘lots of little different bits’.

The result is something of a Frankenstein’s monster but I’d totes play it. It would be epic to write for as well.

The foucs (hah!) group, upon reassembling, enjoyed the idea. They sat for a good idea firing Production ideas at each other. I pretended to take notes whilst actually doodling turtles.

I really regret that atm.

Lone Survivor Review

Oho? This want to play I do.

I’m actually starting to think lo res = scarier horror games.

Case in point:

Sloppy and unsympathetic HD rerelease of Silent Hill 1/2 versus Original, hideous and masterful Silent Hill 1/2.

On Writing Uncharted 3

Oh Nathan Filli…uh, Drake! Either way swoon!

I actually have nightmares about the potential awfulness of an Uncharted/any videogame film.

Priorites bro.

Microsoft on silly selling

"It’s a successful model, so why change something you don’t need to?"

Um…to make it even better?

On Writing DE:HR

Check it out fellow writeroonies.

This man speaks much truth.

Also ZOMFG I love him!

”I loved Limbo. Braid was great as well, and I’ve ordered the Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus HD collection which I’m really excited about playing again. Particularly Ico: it was such a beautifully designed game and I’m really interested in how it was made, because obviously that team just loved their game so much.”


Best Entrance Ever Challenge (Gamasutra)

Sub date is long past but still a cool writing exersize to try!



Play this game

Lyk nao no jk

I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER for this to be finished but turns out it’s completely worth it. A nifty idea nicely done. And colours! Behold the pretty!

Fat Ugly or Slutty

Venture here and be horrified at mankind.

When I first discovered this I was, in a completely childish way, semi insulted that I had never been propositioned while playing GoW. COD? Sure. But that’s what happens when you play COD. *Somehow mimes her dignity dissolving upon playing COD*

I consulted a male clan mate and he pointed out that I always play as Baird (a male) and I only mic with people I know (for obvious reasons).

So my lady pride is intact. Though I’m a little miffed no one notes the dainty, lady like way in which I smash heads in with my Longshot.

Assassin’s Creed 3? Aye please.



I love you truly, Ezio, but it’s time for me to move on to a younger model.

As solid (meh) as I found Revelations to be the series really needs a hidden blade up the ass and I am sending Go Team! vibes all the way to Montreal. Make it sexy guys!